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Male Adjustable Model-Y Stainless Steel Premium Chastity Device

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In 2010 I purchased your Enforcer male Chastity! Well I have to say! It's the Best of all chastity's on the market today! excellent! Your craftsman ship your professionalism in the making of my Enforcer Chastity! EXCELLENT!

Since 2011 my Wife has been the keeper of the keys! to ensure only she has any access to my, "Her private parts". We both have been brimming with excitement in these last eight years since I was secured in the Enforcer 24/7 I have to say, It's been the best eight years of our marriage nine years Ago! Simply the BEST!

When I'm secured in the Enforcer male Chastity the excitement in my wife's eyes! "an amazing look", As for me Just as amazing! the feeling of being secured in the Heart of my wife! does create a major erection, bringing about a little frustration between the legs! and between the ears!

As for Your Enforcer being used for long term use, 24/7 excellent the L-shaped tube, professionally finished, and the way in witch it secures my genitals,Fantastic! There's been No pain, No discomfort at all! the flow of blood has not been slowed or blocked! what so ever! Your Enforcer male Chastity fits like a stainless steel glove! Fantastic!

What's just as amazing! after all these years is your use of the Photo, I sent to you, of me in your Enforcer male Chastity ,,, Wow! how Fantastic is that! what excitement that brings to us both in having a photo my genitals locked, in your Chastity has been on the internet all these Years! Thank you!

In the past years I haven't had any problems other than to pee! Not such a big problem, But at times it gets a little messy It is my suggestion if you do any upgrading, customization ! to the Enforcer male Chastity that you make a "short customized urethra tube with a thru hole" that can then be comfortably inserted into the penis before slipping the penis into the chastity tube, with an extended nose so as to pass thru the little hole of 10mm at the tip of the penis cage of the Enforcer Chastity!

Again My Wife and I Thank You for making such a Fantastic! and Beautiful Male Chastity, Amazing After all these years Just Amazing

Thank You,
Chris & Noi
Salem Or
Date Added: 02/18/2018 by christopher Winter