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Customized Stainless Chastity Belt No.SCB-23, 100% Hand Made


For long I used the cb3000 as a chastity device. Disadvantage, easily to been seen under clothing. Then I saw this one and was immediatily stuck on it. I had a similar one from Germany but poorly handcrafted with coused blood from within the urethra.
As to be seen on the pictures this one is very well handcrafted. Is very comfortable to wear and nearly not to be seen under clothing. Comfortable but strict when needed. I feel naked when it is off.
Highly recommended by me if you want a chastity device that is strict, comfotable, easy to clean and inescapable. T=Your keyholder can drive you made because everything is touchable.
Date Added: 11/12/2012 by diaper accman