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Grip Black Cuffs Fur Lining


(1) This item provides a multi-sized wrist cuff and a padded grip, so the wearer is able to distribute weight stress off of the wrists. This arrangement can help avoid injury to delicate wrist anatomy.

The chains provide some "give", (or "flinching room") and can be attached from one point or from two separate points. This set is useful when a person is kept with their hands over their heads for extended periods of time, or during intense flagellation.

NOTE: These Grip-Cuffs, while strong enough to withstand a personā€˜s full body weight, are not designed for extended periods of full suspension.

The cuffs are 2 1/4" wide. The buckling straps are 1" wide with sizing holes that adjust in 1/2" increments.

(2) The weight of this item is approximately 415g.

wrist cuffs

wrist cuffs

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