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10 Lock Pack for The Curve, CB-2000, CB-3000 or CB6000


Numbered Plastic Locks To Keep Him Honest

These handy plastic locks with individual serial numbers are very useful. Order extra locks for your CB2000,CB3000 or Curve. The individual serial numbers ensure that your guy is wearing the very same lock when he comes home as he left with.

The plastic locks allow the CB-2000 or the Curve to pass through metal scanning security devices undetected. Is your man taking a trip on an airline? The plastic locked device will ensure he is faithful until he returns.

Some of our cyber customers will lock their CB-2000or the Curve with the plastic lock, take a close up digital photo next to a newspaper and email it to their online partner. So long as the serial number on the lock doesn't change, daily or weekly photos ensure that the wearer has been "good".

Each pack includes 10 locks.

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