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Single Vibrator Bullet

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Product information:
The vibrator is 6.9cm(2.136") long and 2.2cm(0.866") wide. It has a tunable button for different powerful vibration modes. It is definitely a great toy for foreplay or self-plays! Talking about the functions of vibrators, they make use of the high frequency rotations of the mini engines inside to stimulate the clitoris for the pleasure of women. Moreover, one can adjust the power of vibration to achieve further stimulation. With just this little vibration bullet, women can be in a state between hell and heaven within minutes, which is something that even the most skilled men cannot achieve.

Operation information:
This item requires two AA batteries to operate.

It is made of high class surgical grade rubber.

Please watch your safety and hygiene while using sex toys. They are personal toys, and should be used by one only without sharing.
1. After using the toys, there will be a considerable amount of secretion residue on them. If they are not cleaned immediately, bacteria will easily grow and proliferate.
2. While cleaning with water, please watch out for the switches and try to avoid them. Rub them gently with your fingers, not a brush or wash it with other acidic/basic solutions.
3. After rinsing, please wipe your toys with dry cotton towels if available, or high quality tissues. And please avoid drying by long exposure under the sun.
4. Lastly, do not forget to use antibacterial solutions or 75% alcohol to wipe it thoroughly.
5. Also, do not forget to take out the batteries after use because the batteries might be corrosive if left in electronic devices for too long. For storage, it would be ideal to keep them in a bag in a cool and dry environment.

sex toys vibrators

sex toys vibrators

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